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The gas sulphur dioxide (SO2) is commonly emitted from industrial ...


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The Association has established a real time monitoring ...


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Actions of the RBCAA

The Association has established a real time monitoring network to characterize the quality of air. The RBCAA monitoring network includes five SO2 monitoring stations, eight meteorological stations and a base station. The purpose of this system is to assess air pollution in Richards Bay by monitoring ground level concentrations of sulphur dioxide. This information, combined with the outputs of the HAWK (a pollution dispersion model), is used to monitor the emission of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere.

A pollen monitoring network has also been established in the area to establish seasonal trends and to ascertain the origin and source of actual potential or health hazards from vegetation.

The RBCAA seeks to:

take appropriate action to ensure that ambient concentrations of airborne pollutants are below Department of Environment guideline limits,
ensure that the information provided to and derived from the system is demonstrably of the highest quality that may reasonably be achieved,
that the information so derived is available to all interested and affected parties and that the results will be interpreted in such a way that they are readily understood by all parties,
ensure that the system will be expanded to include other priority air pollutants, where practically and economically feasible.

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